My next project – iPad Mag

Yesterday I finally managed to download the Digital Publishing Suite for InDesign, having scoured the internet for resources and tutorials, I came across… well not very much at all.  Due to the software being so new and recently out of its BETA stage, coupled with me probably looking in the wrong areas, I decided to go down my least favourable route and actually look at the manufacturer’s website for help.

I should really do this more often, as the manual is pretty straight forward, and they have a handy bunch of videos to go with it! My aim now, as part of one of my university projects, is to take the magazine I designed for the iPad in InDesign (image above is just a mockup) and actually convert it to a working iPad magaine! Check back soon for the outcome!

Update: The video is now complete, you can view it here.

With all that said I thought I would put together some links for those crazy designers, who like me just want to have a good search round the ol’ interweb for something interesting:

Start here, the Adobe DPS manual (for both cs5 and cs5.5) – trust me, you win half the battle after reading this.

The Adobe video guides, another great place to start if you prefer to watch.

As of todays date, buttons in DPS don’t allow two actions – so when you tap to open up a full screen image, you then need another button to close it.  This article and also this one show you an effective away of doing this.

Want a movie to start playing on one of your articles, and smoothly transition into the readable bit. Check this out, great tutorial.

And another video about button placement inside a tooltip image – really well explained and easy to do.

Update 25/11/11: Have found the main DPS Help Area here, enjoy!

Have anything to add to this list, get in touch and help everyone out!


If he ain’t blogging, he’s…

…finishing websites, sorry for the long pause.  Have been working on a website design for a pre-cast construction company, which is near completion!

Check it out here

With all clients I deal with, I like to offer choice and never like the ‘boxed-in’ approach. That said, I would like to examine the simplicities involved in striking the right look for your clients business site. For the company above, I started with two styles of sites containing the relevant information, one a very strong a rigid corporate look, and the other and more curvy, friendly, and eye catching affair.

You can see both here:



*All text and images used in these examples are for illustrative purposes only.

That said, neither of the examples were never intended to be the final look, but just to show the client what can be done and allows there imagination to open up to you for guidance.  I like to get user feed-back and go from there building from the ground up, maybe design another 4 different variations of the theme to see which they like and so on.  Luckily for me there was an instant like to the corporate design, and viola’ – website design done.  Coding begins; a 100 html pages and more cuppa’s later its almost finished!

Without going into too much detail, you can see the differences instantly and the whole site has a different feel for the user.  Always give clients choice, not only does it make them feel involved  in certain aspects, but it also makes your life easier too!

The expressive web

With the new features of CSS3 and HTML5 making more and more appearances in website’s nowadays, its always nice to find a nice site that shows off all the ‘goodies’ in a colourful and informative way!

Thanks Adobe.

Me likey!

I have came across some great looking websites that use one or more large images to fill the background, not only do they sit there and look pretty, but when the website is resized (or viewed on different monitor resolutions) the background image will maintain its dimension ratio!

Having wondered how this is possible, I eventually stumbled upon Supersized! jQuery Plugin.

I now aim to create a concept site of my own using this design feature, check back to see how I get on with it!

I laughed…

A friend sent me a link to this website.  It’s a very funny read that wont take more than a minute or two to get through.

I particularly like the section containing “So please, Sir, don’t tell me I should “bevel” things… If you take control, you’ll end up with a huge lump of dog muck, and people will laugh at it behind your back“.


DIY Design

I’m a great believer in DIY design, and I’m more than happy enough to get my hands dirty and go that extra mile to get the job done.  After finishing the overall design of my good friends website (previously blogged here), we decided that we needed some new and updated snappies of the man himself to give the website a more friendly face-to-face look.

Take a gander for yourself of what we have accomplished –

All the pictures were taken in his living room using only the iPhones camera.  With the help of a few props we had lying around (including a handy ‘for sale’ sign in the back garden) and some jiggery-pokery from photoshop, we took some low budget snaps and moulded them into great looking images for the site.

CSS Button creator…

A great little tool by css tricks.

Allows you to create a website link button to your specification while viewing live infront of you, so you know exactly how it will look.  Once your done, you can grab the code and apply to your own site – little gem of a time saver!

Link –