There no place like home…

I have been a very busy designer this past couple of months at University, after creating a fully working iPad Magazine (video still to come) through Adobe Indesign, I am now looking to finalise a design of a iPhone app – that may even get turned into a real app on the App Store if all works out well!

But in that time, I have now also managed to finish off a full redesign of my website: – Huzzah!

I have gone for a very minimal and clean feel this time, whilst trying to keep it all to one page for ease of use.  I’m a great believer in the age old saying “if you dont have much content, then you dont have much website!”*

For any previous attenders of the site, you will now notice that the bright eyeball bleeding yellow background has been removed and a very calm off white is in its place. I know how much you all enjoyed turning down the brightnesses of your screens when you visited; but dont panic! This blog will always be the next best thing for an early check-up at your local opticians, courtesy of moi.

*possibly made up….


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