If he ain’t blogging, he’s…

…finishing websites, sorry for the long pause.  Have been working on a website design for a pre-cast construction company, which is near completion!

Check it out here

With all clients I deal with, I like to offer choice and never like the ‘boxed-in’ approach. That said, I would like to examine the simplicities involved in striking the right look for your clients business site. For the company above, I started with two styles of sites containing the relevant information, one a very strong a rigid corporate look, and the other and more curvy, friendly, and eye catching affair.

You can see both here:



*All text and images used in these examples are for illustrative purposes only.

That said, neither of the examples were never intended to be the final look, but just to show the client what can be done and allows there imagination to open up to you for guidance.  I like to get user feed-back and go from there building from the ground up, maybe design another 4 different variations of the theme to see which they like and so on.  Luckily for me there was an instant like to the corporate design, and viola’ – website design done.  Coding begins; a 100 html pages and more cuppa’s later its almost finished!

Without going into too much detail, you can see the differences instantly and the whole site has a different feel for the user.  Always give clients choice, not only does it make them feel involved  in certain aspects, but it also makes your life easier too!


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