Some great ‘website design’ sites!

Over the past year and a half or so I have taught myself website design and coding (CSS + HTML).  I have came across alot of websites offering great advice, informed tutorials and even videos of how to go about creating sites! This is a quick list of my 5 most used sites when I’m stuck scratching my head thinking ‘eh?’…

CSS-Tricks Great site that offers written tutorials and step-by-step videos! Helped me out greatly!

Soh Tanaka Another designer that offers his advice and written tutorials on design and functionality.

Nets Tut+ Loads of writen tutorials and great articles on design!

Build Internet! 2 brothers writting great tutorials and some interesting facts on web design.

w3 Schools The bread and butter of coding, not much in the way of tutorials – but working examples of every bit of code you will need!

Oh, another key thing that always helps in design, is obviously inspiration…

a good site for great sites is:


That should be enough to start any wud-be ‘website designer’!


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