Me likey!

I have came across some great looking websites that use one or more large images to fill the background, not only do they sit there and look pretty, but when the website is resized (or viewed on different monitor resolutions) the background image will maintain its dimension ratio!

Having wondered how this is possible, I eventually stumbled upon Supersized! jQuery Plugin.

I now aim to create a concept site of my own using this design feature, check back to see how I get on with it!


I laughed…

A friend sent me a link to this website.  It’s a very funny read that wont take more than a minute or two to get through.

I particularly like the section containing “So please, Sir, don’t tell me I should “bevel” things… If you take control, you’ll end up with a huge lump of dog muck, and people will laugh at it behind your back“.


DIY Design

I’m a great believer in DIY design, and I’m more than happy enough to get my hands dirty and go that extra mile to get the job done.  After finishing the overall design of my good friends website (previously blogged here), we decided that we needed some new and updated snappies of the man himself to give the website a more friendly face-to-face look.

Take a gander for yourself of what we have accomplished –

All the pictures were taken in his living room using only the iPhones camera.  With the help of a few props we had lying around (including a handy ‘for sale’ sign in the back garden) and some jiggery-pokery from photoshop, we took some low budget snaps and moulded them into great looking images for the site.

CSS Button creator…

A great little tool by css tricks.

Allows you to create a website link button to your specification while viewing live infront of you, so you know exactly how it will look.  Once your done, you can grab the code and apply to your own site – little gem of a time saver!

Link –

Some great ‘website design’ sites!

Over the past year and a half or so I have taught myself website design and coding (CSS + HTML).  I have came across alot of websites offering great advice, informed tutorials and even videos of how to go about creating sites! This is a quick list of my 5 most used sites when I’m stuck scratching my head thinking ‘eh?’…

CSS-Tricks Great site that offers written tutorials and step-by-step videos! Helped me out greatly!

Soh Tanaka Another designer that offers his advice and written tutorials on design and functionality.

Nets Tut+ Loads of writen tutorials and great articles on design!

Build Internet! 2 brothers writting great tutorials and some interesting facts on web design.

w3 Schools The bread and butter of coding, not much in the way of tutorials – but working examples of every bit of code you will need!

Oh, another key thing that always helps in design, is obviously inspiration…

a good site for great sites is:


That should be enough to start any wud-be ‘website designer’!

Just watch the sky…

A nice typographic website that I stumbled across some time back, heres the strap-note:

“The rules are easy: Hear a lyric in a song I like. Take that line and illustrate it using only text and color. Boom, done.”

Can’t say fairer than that, check it out here

Juz Entertainments new revamp!

After some hardcore coding and photshop wizardy (and brews, lots of brews), I have managed to launch the new ‘Juz Entertainments’ website, check it out!

I decided to go for a single bold and distinct page; the concept is based on a page that slides to each section, instead of opening a new page.  As there isn’t much content to fill the pages with, this approach worked perfectly. With the help of some jQuery, the sliding animation is nice and smooth; as opposed to a jump click!

Justin is really pleased with it, all that’s left to do is get some more polished photos of Justin to go with each of the sections of the site! Should be a laff, last website we did, we created our own green screen room.  Which consisted of buying a £21 green sheet and nailing it to his ceiling, and using some dodgy old camera, and my evenmore so ‘dodgier’ Premier Pro skills – note this was all done in his family living room. Good times.